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    Kuroiwa v. Lingle (CA9 08-16769)

    The appeal by Kuroiwa Plaintiffs

    Court Order denying motion for injunction pending appeal (5/29/2009, 2 pgs)

    Letter to Court Clerk re State Defendants-Appellees Response to Plaintiffs’ 28(j) letter in Kuroiwa v. Lingle, No. 08-16769 (4/14/2009, 2 pgs)

    Letter to Court Clerk re Citation of Supplemental Authority (4/05/2009, 2 pgs)

    Seven Non-Ethnic Hawaiian Plaintiffs-Appellants’ Reply To OHA’s Opposition To Injunction Pending Appeal (3/31/2009, 11 pgs)

    Kuroiwa’s Reply To State’s Opposition To Motion For Injunction Pending Appeal (3/27/2009, 11 pgs)

    OHA’s Memorandum in Opposition to Kuroiwa et al.’s Motion for Injunction Pending Appeal (Case No. 08-16769) and Marumoto’s Joinder in Motion for Injunction Pending Appeal. (3/24/2009, 32 pgs)

    State’s Opposition to Motion for Injunction (3/20/2009, 24 pgs)

    Exhibit A – OHA’s 2008 Annual Report (3/20/2009, 4 pgs)

    Exhibit A con’t (3/20/2009, 3 pgs)

    Exhibit A con’t (3/20/2009, 3 pgs)

    Exhibit A con’t (3/20/2009, 3 pgs)

    Exhibit A con’t (3/20/2009, 3 pgs)

    Exhibit A con’t (3/20/2009, 4 pgs)

    Seven Non–Ethnic Hawaiians’ Motion For Injunction Pending Appeal (3/12/2009, 31 pgs)

    Declaration of Counsel (3/12/2009, 1 pg)

    Exhibit 1 (3/12/2009, 17 pgs)

    Exhibit 2 (3/12/2009, 35 pgs)

    Exhibit 3 (3/12/2009, 1 pg)

    Exhibit 4 (3/12/2009, 17 pgs)

    Certificate of Service (3/12/2009, 1 pgs)

    Kuroiwas’ Reply Brief (replying to OHA’s and State’s Answering briefs) (1/14/2009, 28 pgs)

    State’s Answering Brief (1/2/2009, 59 pgs)

    OHA’s Answering Brief (12/29/2008, 43 pgs)

    Kuroiwa’s Opening Brief (11/19/2008, 69 pgs) Kuroiwa Plaintiffs file their opening brief in Ninth Circuit in Kuroiwa v. Lingle. State’s distributions of hundreds of millions of Ceded Lands Trust revenues to OHA for 3 decades all illegal: Trust never generated net income from which distributions to beneficiaries could lawfully be made.

    Errata to Opening Brief (11/3/2008, 3 pgs)